The Club, by Rue Pigalle
The Club, by Rue Pigalle
Isabelle Fish

The Club, by Rue Pigalle — for Women Patrons of Crafts

About The Club, by Rue Pigalle

Welcome to The Club, by Rue Pigalle

Welcome - we’re so pleased you’re interested in joining The Club, by Rue Pigalle.

We’re passionate about creating connections between women who love crafts and among the wider craft community. Artisans, curators, gallerists and academics are all part of our network, together with chefs, film makers, writers, artists and many more. If you believe in the rich possibilities of a community around craft, you’re one of us.

Membership gives you access to an array of events, workshops, lectures, masterclasses and travel, organised in collaboration with our network of expert partners. We listen to our members; we’re continually evolving and seeking new ways of building and enriching our collective.

Rue Pigalle is first and foremost a community. We believe in the intrinsic value of manual intelligence, and in the importance of the role that artisans play in our society. Nurturing craftspeople helps create a kinder and more connected society. 

“The members of The Club have been a continuous source of inspiration and learning to me and to each other. I look forward to welcoming you to The Club and introducing you to our vibrant community.” Isabelle Fish, founder.