The Club, by Rue Pigalle — for Women Patrons of Crafts

Welcome to The Club, by Rue Pigalle !

We are delighted you are interested in joining us. 

The Club is a travel and events-based community for women patrons of craft who celebrate and champion its place in everyday life. As members of The Club, we are ambassadors for craft as a powerful force for good. Nurturing craftspeople helps create a kinder and more connected society. 

Why craft? Craft is about appreciating workmanship and artistry. It’s also about helping communities thrive, fostering sustainability, and safe-guarding artisanal skills for future generations.

“I was thrilled to join The Club. I’ve met amazing women.”

Anna M., member


Membership gives you access to an array of travel,  events, workshops, lectures, masterclasses, organised in collaboration with our network of expert partners. 

It also offers you the following benefits:

  • Priority registration and preferential rate for all trips, events and workshops.
  • 30%  discount on an annual subscription to the luscious Selvedge magazine.
  • Exclusive monthly, members-only mixers.
  • Unlimited access to the digital clubhouse and its library of craft and travel resources.
  • Access to the most highly-skilled and innovative craftspeople working across the world today.

  • A vibrant international community of curious, cultivated, like-minded women.


“I loved every minute of our trips to London, Somerset and Venice. I cannot wait to continue the adventures next year. This new life stage is indeed very rich!”

Cathy C., member. 

"Really enjoyed the day as it got my creative juices flowing so that today I’ve made progress on two projects that I’ve been thinking about doing."

Mary M., member.